By Dawson Marsigli and Colin Stronach

Motley Crue is a popular rock band from the 80’s that had many hit songs and albums. Motley Crue has been a band for 40 years now and still has concerts and perform. If you know Motley Crue., you could probably agree they were one of the craziest bands from the 80’s. 

Some of Motley Crue’s hit songs are “Dr. Feelgood”, “Home Sweet Home”, “Kickstart My Heart”, “Live Wire”, and “Girls, Girls, Girls”. Motley Crue has sold over one hundred million albums since they became a band. Some of Motley Crue’s more popular albums have been Dr. Feelgood, Motley Crue Greatest Hits, and Theater of Pain.  

Motley Crue has four members: Nikki Sixx who plays the bass guitar, Tommy Lee who plays the drums, Mick Mars who plays the guitar, and Vince Neil who is the lead singer. All the members of the band have had their own problems and the band actually broken up at one point. Motley Crue never gave up on each other, even when one member made a huge mistake. For example, Vince went to jail in 1884 and that broke up the band for a while, but they got back together and worked it out. 

In conclusion, Motley Crue is a rock band from the 80’ who to this day are still preforming. They are known to be the most notorious rock band to ever exist. They still play today, though Mick Mars in sixty-nine years old. They aren't as good as they used to be, but they are still great. 



By Michael Brewer, Kaley Ellis, and Shelby Vester

"Fire wants to burn, water wants to flow, air wants to rise, earth wants to bind, chaos wants to devour, Call wants to live.” 

Magic has been one of the most enticing subjects in entertainment history but what happens when you combine magic with the elements? You get an amazing book called the Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. The main character, Callum Hunt, has a strange and interesting past that not even he knows about. He lives in a world where your status is decided by how well you do in the iron trial, a test to see how powerful your magic is. Callum goes to take this test and his father tells him to fail it no matter what, and even when he does everything wrong on the test, he is still chosen to go to the most powerful magical school of them all, the Magisterium. Callum’s adventures at the Magisterium are funny and interesting. He learns many different things and meets many different people. Even though he starts off only lifting grains of sand with his powers he soon goes on many different adventures at the school, getting into trouble and making friends along the way. This book has one of the most exciting and suspenseful climaxes of any book. Read the other four books in the series! 



By Lillyana Russo

I recommend that you read Forge by Laurie Halse Anderson, a book set during the American Revolution about a boy named Curzon. He enrolled in the army at the age of 15 because it was his only way out of slavery. The part that I like the most is when he was caught by his last “owner” and how he was turned into a slave again, but he never stops trying to escape. This is one of the things that I like. Also, he always tried to find a way to get his friend out of the slavery, too. The worst part about the book was when his friends got mad at him because he was Black. But then after a while they accepted them like a brother. This book is good, and I do recommend you read it. In the Greenfield library, there are two copies of Forge so if you want to read with a friend you can.



James Daniels and Cader Garrett surveyed students about their predictions for Sunday’s Super Bowl game.

  • Grace: Buccaneers 

  • Addison: Chiefs   

  • Lilyana: Chiefs 

  • Cader: Chiefs 

  • James: Chiefs 

  • David Worth: Buccaneers 

Reasons why you think your team will win 

  • Lilyana: The Chiefs have the star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, who has a chance to win the MVP. 

  • David Worth: The Buccaneers will win because  they have Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Gronkowski, and Antonio Brown. 

  • Addison: The Chiefs will win because Tom Brady is old. 

  • Grace: The Buccaneers because Tom Brady has a lot of experience. 

  • James: The Chiefs will win because they have Patrick Mahomes, Le’Veon Bell, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce. 

  • Cader: The Chiefs will win because they have Patrick Mahomes, they have more experienced players, and more wins. 

Winner Based on voting: 

The Chiefs 



By Mallory Stephenson

Copperheads are extremely dangerous, and their bites can hurt you a lot. The venom that is inserted into your body can cause shock, swelling, infection, and bleeding. Baby copperheads can be more dangerous that a fully grown one. This is because a baby copperhead can’t control their venom. Fully grown copperheads can have a length of up to 36 inches.  I have encountered many copperheads before, and it can be scary if you have not encountered one before. It is especially hard to kill one if you are alone. On my latest encounter with a copperhead to be able to kill it I had to go home and get my dad to come to where I had last seen it. It was no longer in the spot I had left it, but when my dad stepped into the grass, he saw it about to strike. He backed away and went home to get a shovel. After he chopped the copperhead’s head off, the most amazing thing was that he was still living for about thirty more minutes. We had to put it in the outdoor trashcan, so my dog would not find it because it could still bite. Copperhead season starts around the end of September, so remember to watch where you step.



Slideshow by Michael Brewer



By David Worth Joyner, Ben Corbett, and Joseph Batchelor

How have you helped prevent Greenfield students from getting COVID-19? 

Mrs. Aycock cleans the desks and wears a mask.  

Mrs. Kremer wears a mask at all appropriate times and wipes down all desk students interact with. She reminds students to wear their mask. 

How have you handled teaching during the pandemic for Greenfield? 

Mrs. Aycock learned how to use Zoom. 

Mrs. Kremer learned how to multitask and became more technologically-proficient.

How have the students reacted to the COVID-19 rules? 

Mrs. Kremer says there are pushbacks, but we are doing the best we can. 

 Mrs. Aycock says the students are following the rules, so they can stay on campus.  

Have you enjoyed meeting new students and teachers? 

 Mrs. Aycock says Yes. 

Mrs. Kremer says she enjoys the new Greenfield family.

Do you prefer Zooming or being in class? 

 Mrs. Aycock likes being face-to-face. 

Mrs. Kremer prefers being in class. 

Have you enjoyed Greenfield School this year besides COVID-19 rules? 

Yes, but Mrs. Aycock doesn't like the sports rules for the audience. 

Yes, Mrs. Kremer loves it here.

teacher recommendations - aycock (2).jpg
teacher recommendations - aycock (2).jpg
teacher recommendations - kremer.jpg
teacher recommendations - kremer.jpg


By Redden Powell and James Daniels

In this past year there have been several protest and riots for Black Lives Matter around and in Wilson, NC. We do think that Black lives matter, but these riots are over the line. The riots ended a few days later with small businesses damaged with acts of arson. Windows were also smashed but the riots ended with light damage to the actual city. Still, there were bricks thrown at police trying to protect our city, people blocking streets for work, and people shouting insulting and inappropriate things to police. Most of the riots were downtown where some buildings experienced heavy damage. Although we are fine with the peaceful protest, we are not in favor of city- destroying riots.  
We are all for peaceful protest and for people to get their opinions out. But when there is property damaged and the riot is out of control, then it needs to be stopped. There are lots of ways to make a difference in the world, but rioting is not a good one.



By Tessa Clark

I love dogs and support every shelter that saves them. We got our dog Winnie from the Maggie Society. The person who was fostering her was so kind and had 17 dogs in total, both fosters and her own. We fostered a dog one time and it was a lot of work but it was so fun! There are so many dogs that need great homes and need love and care. If you have a dog that needs some love and fostering I would be happy to help! I think that if you see a dog that needs fostering, take care of it and if it too much to handle hand it in to a shelter you can trust. If there are any strays, try to find the owner or take the dog to the vet. Give your dogs lots of exercise, play with them, feed them, and train them! One of my friends just got a dog a few months ago and she is doing great! The dog’s name is Millie. She is adorable. She is a Burnese Mountain Dog. Mine is a lab part grey hound. My dog Winnie loves getting the tennis ball thrown to her and loves the outdoors. Winnie sleeps in my room most of the time then moves to her downstairs bed. Winnie never turns down  a treat. She used to sleep by the pantry  but now she paws at the pantry and waits to get a treat. Millie (my friend’s dog) is WILD!!! She is so cute though! Millie loves playing with her ball outside. I think Winne and Millie would be great friends! 😊

Winnie - 1.jpeg


By Beau Thomas

Because of the pandemic, Covid-19, you must wear a mask in public. Scientists say that you can spread Covid-19 without any symptoms, so you should wear a mask even if you are not sick. If you are within 1 meter of other people, you should not take off your mask even if you have not been in close contact with anyone in any way. Here at Greenfield you must wear a mask all day unless you are eating or running/exercising at physical education. We are currently one of the only schools in Wilson going back to actual school instead of online school, so it is important we stay safe and wear a mask so we can stay open. I personally think we should wear a mask to keep ourselves, but most importantly others safe during this virus.  


Counting by 7s.jpg


By Lillyanna Russo

Willow Chance is a smart girl in middle school that people see as weird or different because she is very intelligent and doesn’t have many friends.  Willow has a rough life not just with kids in middle school, but from an early age. Willow was abandoned by her parents when she was born and adopted by Jimmy and Roberta Chance at an early age.  When Willow was twelve, her adopted parents died in a car crash and left her with no family.  Her new adventure starts with the counselor, Dell Duke. While in counseling Willow meets a friend, Mai and her troublemaker brother, Quang-ha. Mia convinces her mother, Pattie Nguyen, to be Willow’s foster parent and they live behind Pattie’s nail salon in a garage. A garage is no home that social services would accept, and they move to Dell’s apartment at Gardens of Glenwood.  After many experiences, Willow is finally adopted by the Nguyen family and Jairo Hernandez.
Early in the book, I thought that Dell Duke was going to be more of an organizer but instead he was living in a “pile of trash” at Gardens of Glenwood in his apartment. He had backyard chairs and a sleeping bag for his bed. He had trash and food containers for his décor. Dell Duke is always placing kids he saw in 4 groups of strange (misfits, oddballs, lone wolves, and weirdos). Labels were important to him. I agree with Willow when she states that people should not put people into categories because you do not know what they are going through. Additionally, I like how the author shared how Willow made a change with Dell’s ways of seeing kids, “And then the afternoon that Willow Chance came to see him, all of his categorization ground to a halt, like a fork thrown into the gears of outdated machinery”. Finally, I liked how the foster parent, Pattie, was so attached to Willow. Pattie’s kids were slowly becoming friends with Willow and then, adopting her with open arms. I think that friends are important because when you have a friend you are usually more upbeat rather than sad, and lonelier when you have no friends.  When Willow was made fun of, she had no friends so she could not talk open mindedly to them.
This book reminds me of the book Out of My Mind because the main characters, Willow and Melody, were both very intelligent but people judged them. Melody was restricted with what she could or could not do and Willow was a friend to her own world where she could garden where nobody would judge her about her smarts. And when Willow’s parents suddenly died in the car crash, this part related to the world around me because my friend Katelyn lost her father suddenly to an illness. I know she felt a great deal of pain just like Willow. I can also relate to Willow when I lost GiGi (my great grandmother). I felt the pain of losing a loved one too. Finally, I can also see how people are put into categories like Dell Duke puts people into categories.  People judge people every day without knowing their back-story first.
Holly Goldberg Sloan’s work is amazing, and she puts a lot of thought into the storyline when making connections in the book “Counting by 7s”. I liked this book because the author shows you how people don’t always think about people's everyday life. I enjoyed Mrs. Sloan’s writing style, it was happy, sad and fun, all at the same time while reading this book. What I disliked about the book was that Jairo Hernandez was not as involved in the book as I hoped. The author introduced us to Jairo early on as the taxi driver Willow made an impact on when he picked up Willow one afternoon and she made him feel she was a “blinking warning light” when she made a comment to him. “Never let someone tell you that you can’t do it”. The author does not give much information to Pattie’s and Jairo's relationship in the book when he suddenly becomes Willow’s stepfather in the second to last chapter of the book. This felt rushed, the author did not lead into this connection.
Finally, I give this book a 9.9 out of 10. The evolution of the character Jairo Hernandez, as Willow’s stepfather, left me feeling the author rushed this important character connection. Jairo and Willow went from friends in the book and then just at the last two chapters the author introduced the relationship of Jairo and Pattie, and Jairo as her stepfather.



By Quinn Parker
Edited by Preston Spain

Battle of the Books is a very exciting, interesting, slightly difficult, and fun way to learn and expand your knowledge of reading and vocabulary. Our team is filled with smart, determined minds, and all of us are ready to read and practice. Greenfield for the win! On our team are Alexis, Preston, Kei, Jacob, and, of course, me. Alexis, our main source of information, has already read four of our amazing books. Preston, the next teammate we resort to if Alexis doesn’t have the answer, has finished two of our books, and is working on his third. Kei is wrapping up his second book and is always eager to answer any question he thinks he might know. Jacob is beginning the first chapter of his second book and continues to be more and more helpful. Last and most certainly not least, I have read one book, the Miscalculations of Lightning Girl, and I am half-way through my second story by Jennifer L. Holm. We are very excited to keep reading and win Battle of the Books! 

We have fifteen amazing books to read, enjoy, and interest our team. Turtle in Paradise, set in 1935, the great depression, is a great comedy. The Adventures of Lightning Girl is about a Supergenius 12-year-old, forced to go to middle school with children equipped with average IQ scores. Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, a story about a game guru billionaire with a passion for sharing the wonders of libraries with children across America, describes what happens when the world of games and books collide. The Very, Very Far North, featuring three animals as our main characters, journey through the snowy, freezing lands in the far north to find foreign friends. Soft Rain is a heartwarming book about a young girl taken from her home by English settlers to the Indian reservation through the Cherokee Trail of Tears. For more information on Battle of the Books, join! I hope you enjoyed our report on our club.



By Dawson Marsigli, Noah Wright, and William Aycock

The NBA Bubble is where all the NBA players are playing now that the Corona virus has gotten serious. The bubble is a place in Orlando where the NBA players are not allowed to leave. In the bubble there are restaurants where the teams can eat, practice facilities for the players, and hotels for the players to stay in while living in the bubble. Recently the players' families could visit. Now that you know about the bubble, we will get to how the star NBA players and teams are doing so far. Inside the bubble Giannis Antetokounmpo was playing very well until the Bucks were eliminated, and his teammates have been playing very badly. Giannis is probably going to leave the Bucks in free agency because they are not giving him enough money, so the Bucks will probably not win a championship any time soon. Jimmy Butler has been playing well in the bubble and was even the star in defeating the Bucks. Right now, the four teams left in the playoffs are the Celtics, Heat, Nuggets, and Lakers. For our final predictions we think that the Heat are going to win the East and beat the Celtics and we think that the Lakers are going to win the West. If that happens then the NBA finals will be the Heat vs. The Lakers and we predict that the Lakers are going to win in a game 5.


By Beau Thomas



By Redden Powell

The Exploravision announcments came out and two first graders - Mason Stancil and Batten Joyner - are regional winners! Exploravision is a contest in which 1st-8th graders enter their designs of inventions that will improve the world. This year 23,000 people entered, and we had regional winners in the first grade. We also had a lot of honorable mentions. They only give out a few honorable mentions so that is good too. Greenfield is a very special school.



*You get many germs from many desks you use* 

*Germs from your hands can get on finger foods* 

*You could spread germs if you shake hands when having unwashed fingers* 

*If you touch your face then germs can get into your mouth or nose* 

*You Can Limit The Spread* 😊  

By Ben Corbett



By Michael Brewer

 Greenfield has a lot of good clubs such as intermurals, community  

service, etc. But if you love good times and books, most people would  

suggest going to Battle of the Books. Whether you’re in 8th grade or 4th, 

it's a lot of fun. You get to read a wide variety of books picked out by  

the Greenfield librarian and teacher of Battle of the Books, Mrs.  

Johnson. Battle of the Books happens all around the world, but in the  

competition, which happens a few months after the club, you’ll be  

going up against almost all of the schools in North Carolina! It is very 

stressful if you think too much about it, but if you just try and have fun 

you'll see that Battle of the Books may be the most fun club of all. This 

club introduces you to what books you like and even can point you into  

the direction of what you want to be when your older. So sign up for  

this club and get ready for a good time. 



By Elijah Denton

KurtzPel is an anime-style multiplayer fighting game free on Steam, a gaming platform. There are many opportunities for character customization. Once you advance in the game you can create custom clothing. There are five types of weapons classes (called Karmas): mage staffs (Diabolic Witch), bows (Dance of Wind), swords (Sword Taliyah), fists (Blazing Fist), and the DLC of dual swords. In the game you have a main class and sub-class, meaning that you can have two of these active at once. You can completely customize them by upgrading up to five times. The character has Karma Crystals, which are essentially special attacks, you can upgrade these by equipping them and using them. If players have upgraded their weapon to sub-Karma Crystals, they can equip these to amplify the special attributes of the weapon the sub karma-crystals are equipped to. Make acquaintances with NPC’s to get special rewards such as: sub karma crystals, gear, and new karma crystals.  
There are two types of gameplay modes: Player vs Player and Player vs Enemy. Some missions directly related to the story you must complete on your own. The rest are boss fights that you can do alone or together. The PVP mode, called a Probatio, is where you team up with two other players and fight head on in a competition until one team has five kills, or the timer runs out. These are used to rank up, which unlock harder missions.  
Overall Kurtzpel is a great game and very enjoyable to play.



By Dylan Carpenter and Colin Stronach

Cobra Kai is the sequel TV show to the original Karate Kid movies and in our opinion, it is even better than the movies! In this article we will be telling you a little about Cobra Kai. One of the things that I love about Cobra Kai is how there is no clear good or bad side and throughout the movies and TV show it shows how people can be father figures to anyone. Another thing we love about this show is that the soundtrack is better than any other. In Cobra Kai season 1 it is mainly about Miguel standing up to bullies and Johny trying to open a dojo. Also, they are preparing for the all valley karate tournament.

 In season 2 of Cobra Kai the main theme is the rivalry between Myagi-do karate and the Cobra Kai dojo. Also, it is about the personal rivalries of Miguel and Robby, Sam and Tori, and of course Johny and Daniel. Season 3 might show the return of Aly Mills she was in the original Karate Kid movie.



By Landyn Coolbaugh and William Aycock

5. Lebron James 

Lebron James is an NBA all-time great that has played for the Cavaliers, Heat, and currently plays with the Lakers. Some of his pros are his finishing, athleticism, and blocking abilities. Some of his cons are three-point shooting and free throw shooting. 

4. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird 

Magic and Bird are tied for fourth place because they were not better than each other even though they had different game styles. Larry Bird was more of a shooter and Magic was more of a ball-handler and finisher. 

3. Kareem Abdul-Jabber 

Kareem was a center for the Lakers in the 70’s and 80’s. He was a dominant force on offense and defense but was not as fast as small forwards and guards during that era. He was a great scorer and holds the record for the most points scored in a game. 

2. Kobe Bryant 

Kobe Bryant is the second greatest player of all-time in my opinion. He was a great scorer and a great defender. Kobe is fifth all-time in scoring and was known for his post fadeaway and athletic dunks. 

  1. Michael Jordan 

Michael Jordan is a very athletic shooting guard that played most of his career on the Chicago Bulls. He could keep up with guards and defend almost every position while playing against very tough competition. Michael was known for his buzzer beaters and defense. 



By Georgia Braundel and Carson Marsigli

The VSCO girl:  it all started with scrunchies, oversized shirts, Birkenstocks, then they took over Hydro flasks covered in stickers, metal straws, and shell necklaces. Saying things like “And I oop, thrifting, and SKSKSK.” 

Many people hate the image, but what if what they are saving the planet? VSCO girls are often portrayed as

annoying teenage girls. However, their metal straws and hydro flasks are helping the planet... one turtle at a time. Metal straws are meant to be reused and reduce the use of plastic straws. Every day, Americans use about 500 million plastic straws. About 1 million sea birds have died due to eating plastic that has been thrown on the ground by people. And about 100,000 marine animals die from eating plastic throughout the oceans.

You may be asking, “What animal is stupid enough to eat plastic?” Well, it's not their fault! Sea turtles have very bad vision and if they were to see ,say, a plastic bag drifting through the ocean, through their eyes they think it looks like a jelly fish (a main part of their diet) so they would hungrily snatch the bag, eating it and poisoning themselves. Birds are attracted to light and shiny things. A plastic wrapper is on the sand, the sun shimmers down on it making it glint in the blazing hot sun. A bird has a very fast metabolism and is always hungry and in search of food (if you have been to a beach you would most likely know because seagulls are constantly following you when you have food) so they would happily grab the plastic thinking it’s a tasty treat, but it then gets caught up in their digestive system and can kill them.

Hydro flasks are also good for the planet because they reduce the use of plastic water bottles. Over 60 million water bottles are used every day! Less plastic means less pollution.

Pura Vidas are also worn by VSCOs, but did you know that the money goes to charity for animals, children, trees, etc.? These handmade bracelets from Costa Rica, have raised over 1.9 million dollars for 175 charities around the world.

Some VSCO girls no longer supporting eating meat, almost every company sells meat severely abuses their animals. At two weeks old babies are taken from their mothers. They are put into a small cage where they are injected with steroids to fatten them up quickly. Then they are loaded onto trailers and shipped to the slaughter where they either get their throats slit, are put into a gas chamber. And for those who love meat, there is a brand that makes burgers completely from vegetables that taste exactly like meat.

VSCOs are also starting to get little succulents or bonsai trees for decoration in their rooms, while it might not seem like much, they are producing more plants and trees.

So, are VSCOs really helping? The question will remain unanswered and while some hate on them, others ARE them. Personally, we think they should be more accepted because they are helping the planet and are just being themselves. We shouldn’t judge them by the way they dress or the things they like. 



Feel free to reach out with topic suggestions and commentary. 

Greenfield School Journalism Club

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