By Beau Thomas



By Redden Powell

The Exploravision announcments came out and two first graders - Mason Stancil and Batten Joyner - are regional winners! Exploravision is a contest in which 1st-8th graders enter their designs of inventions that will improve the world. This year 23,000 people entered, and we had regional winners in the first grade. We also had a lot of honorable mentions. They only give out a few honorable mentions so that is good too. Greenfield is a very special school.



*You get many germs from many desks you use* 

*Germs from your hands can get on finger foods* 

*You could spread germs if you shake hands when having unwashed fingers* 

*If you touch your face then germs can get into your mouth or nose* 

*You Can Limit The Spread* 😊  

By Ben Corbett



By Michael Brewer

 Greenfield has a lot of good clubs such as intermurals, community  

service, etc. But if you love good times and books, most people would  

suggest going to Battle of the Books. Whether you’re in 8th grade or 4th, 

it's a lot of fun. You get to read a wide variety of books picked out by  

the Greenfield librarian and teacher of Battle of the Books, Mrs.  

Johnson. Battle of the Books happens all around the world, but in the  

competition, which happens a few months after the club, you’ll be  

going up against almost all of the schools in North Carolina! It is very 

stressful if you think too much about it, but if you just try and have fun 

you'll see that Battle of the Books may be the most fun club of all. This 

club introduces you to what books you like and even can point you into  

the direction of what you want to be when your older. So sign up for  

this club and get ready for a good time. 



By Elijah Denton

KurtzPel is an anime-style multiplayer fighting game free on Steam, a gaming platform. There are many opportunities for character customization. Once you advance in the game you can create custom clothing. There are five types of weapons classes (called Karmas): mage staffs (Diabolic Witch), bows (Dance of Wind), swords (Sword Taliyah), fists (Blazing Fist), and the DLC of dual swords. In the game you have a main class and sub-class, meaning that you can have two of these active at once. You can completely customize them by upgrading up to five times. The character has Karma Crystals, which are essentially special attacks, you can upgrade these by equipping them and using them. If players have upgraded their weapon to sub-Karma Crystals, they can equip these to amplify the special attributes of the weapon the sub karma-crystals are equipped to. Make acquaintances with NPC’s to get special rewards such as: sub karma crystals, gear, and new karma crystals.  
There are two types of gameplay modes: Player vs Player and Player vs Enemy. Some missions directly related to the story you must complete on your own. The rest are boss fights that you can do alone or together. The PVP mode, called a Probatio, is where you team up with two other players and fight head on in a competition until one team has five kills, or the timer runs out. These are used to rank up, which unlock harder missions.  
Overall Kurtzpel is a great game and very enjoyable to play.



By Dylan Carpenter and Colin Stronach

Cobra Kai is the sequel TV show to the original Karate Kid movies and in our opinion, it is even better than the movies! In this article we will be telling you a little about Cobra Kai. One of the things that I love about Cobra Kai is how there is no clear good or bad side and throughout the movies and TV show it shows how people can be father figures to anyone. Another thing we love about this show is that the soundtrack is better than any other. In Cobra Kai season 1 it is mainly about Miguel standing up to bullies and Johny trying to open a dojo. Also, they are preparing for the all valley karate tournament.

 In season 2 of Cobra Kai the main theme is the rivalry between Myagi-do karate and the Cobra Kai dojo. Also, it is about the personal rivalries of Miguel and Robby, Sam and Tori, and of course Johny and Daniel. Season 3 might show the return of Aly Mills she was in the original Karate Kid movie.



By Landyn Coolbaugh and William Aycock

5. Lebron James 

Lebron James is an NBA all-time great that has played for the Cavaliers, Heat, and currently plays with the Lakers. Some of his pros are his finishing, athleticism, and blocking abilities. Some of his cons are three-point shooting and free throw shooting. 

4. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird 

Magic and Bird are tied for fourth place because they were not better than each other even though they had different game styles. Larry Bird was more of a shooter and Magic was more of a ball-handler and finisher. 

3. Kareem Abdul-Jabber 

Kareem was a center for the Lakers in the 70’s and 80’s. He was a dominant force on offense and defense but was not as fast as small forwards and guards during that era. He was a great scorer and holds the record for the most points scored in a game. 

2. Kobe Bryant 

Kobe Bryant is the second greatest player of all-time in my opinion. He was a great scorer and a great defender. Kobe is fifth all-time in scoring and was known for his post fadeaway and athletic dunks. 

  1. Michael Jordan 

Michael Jordan is a very athletic shooting guard that played most of his career on the Chicago Bulls. He could keep up with guards and defend almost every position while playing against very tough competition. Michael was known for his buzzer beaters and defense. 



By Georgia Braundel and Carson Marsigli

The VSCO girl:  it all started with scrunchies, oversized shirts, Birkenstocks, then they took over Hydro flasks covered in stickers, metal straws, and shell necklaces. Saying things like “And I oop, thrifting, and SKSKSK.” 

Many people hate the image, but what if what they are saving the planet? VSCO girls are often portrayed as

annoying teenage girls. However, their metal straws and hydro flasks are helping the planet... one turtle at a time. Metal straws are meant to be reused and reduce the use of plastic straws. Every day, Americans use about 500 million plastic straws. About 1 million sea birds have died due to eating plastic that has been thrown on the ground by people. And about 100,000 marine animals die from eating plastic throughout the oceans.

You may be asking, “What animal is stupid enough to eat plastic?” Well, it's not their fault! Sea turtles have very bad vision and if they were to see ,say, a plastic bag drifting through the ocean, through their eyes they think it looks like a jelly fish (a main part of their diet) so they would hungrily snatch the bag, eating it and poisoning themselves. Birds are attracted to light and shiny things. A plastic wrapper is on the sand, the sun shimmers down on it making it glint in the blazing hot sun. A bird has a very fast metabolism and is always hungry and in search of food (if you have been to a beach you would most likely know because seagulls are constantly following you when you have food) so they would happily grab the plastic thinking it’s a tasty treat, but it then gets caught up in their digestive system and can kill them.

Hydro flasks are also good for the planet because they reduce the use of plastic water bottles. Over 60 million water bottles are used every day! Less plastic means less pollution.

Pura Vidas are also worn by VSCOs, but did you know that the money goes to charity for animals, children, trees, etc.? These handmade bracelets from Costa Rica, have raised over 1.9 million dollars for 175 charities around the world.

Some VSCO girls no longer supporting eating meat, almost every company sells meat severely abuses their animals. At two weeks old babies are taken from their mothers. They are put into a small cage where they are injected with steroids to fatten them up quickly. Then they are loaded onto trailers and shipped to the slaughter where they either get their throats slit, are put into a gas chamber. And for those who love meat, there is a brand that makes burgers completely from vegetables that taste exactly like meat.

VSCOs are also starting to get little succulents or bonsai trees for decoration in their rooms, while it might not seem like much, they are producing more plants and trees.

So, are VSCOs really helping? The question will remain unanswered and while some hate on them, others ARE them. Personally, we think they should be more accepted because they are helping the planet and are just being themselves. We shouldn’t judge them by the way they dress or the things they like. 



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